Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Okay no more white .... after Labor Day! Hahaha!
I recall switching from white patent leather Sunday shoes to black ones for Sunday School as a child!
Glad all that is no longer the norm!! But then again looking at how some dress when out and about maybe we need a bit of that thought process back!

We have some visitors of late, ground hogs! Here is one eating pears off the tree. He and some relatives seem to be readying the area under the old shed for Winter sleeping! DH has set some traps but so far no hogs. They must not care for watermelon! These so called cute critters can do loads of damage to buildings and the foundations, also love to eat from your gardens and flowers beds. Here they are enjoying the farmers beans along with a huge herd of deer!

We are to be cooler today but still have had the heat and humidity hanging around!
Be so nice to have days that are  Fall like and enjoy windows open again.
School buses ran yesterday! all the cute lil ones waiting with back packs were so cute!
Long day for them though. Tough till they get used to it.

Been in PT and yes it is working on me. Wears me out. So I do not get much done that I plan on!
Having a back to back because of the Monday holiday.
Lord only knows how I will crawl outta bed in the morning!
My one day off this week is Thursday so must do some home chores!
 Hope to sew on the weekend!
Need to get some stuff done but also begin my gifts.
Most are simply enough but just a matter of getting the time for cutting out and sewing up done!

Well better get ready to hit the road.
Wishing you all a productive day!!!!


  1. I don't think I have ever owned a pair of white shoes. At least not when I was old enough to remember. I am wearing my runners all the time which is OK cause they are no longer white. It feels to hot to think that fall is around the bend. Hope you survived PT. I am off to get my new glasses--woo hoo!!! It will be good to see my boo boos,

  2. I think I have only seen a groundhog on television.

    Glad the PT is working for you.

  3. Hope you have a productive day and that the groundhog family decides to move to another place. Boo!

    P.S. Don't forget, we can still wear "winter white" Tee hee!

  4. We know that tossing an apple half in the cage is a big draw for groundhogs. We have caught (and released by the river a number of these critters. HtH

  5. Oh My! I wanted to wear a white shirt today and wouldn't because Labor Day has past. I still adhere to the old no white after Labor Day. With the temps still close to 90* I don't know why I worry about wearing white. ha. The humidity here is still horrid. Suppose to let up by the weekend. I hope so.
    Hubby's PT isn't working so well. They are leaning to surgery on his shoulder now.

    Love, love, love the fabric in your header.

    Jake's a Girl

  6. Glad the PT is working and I'm like Needled Mom, only seen a groundhog on tv! xxx


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