Thursday, September 5, 2013

1960 Singer 348

This is my 1960 Singer 348.
Would love to have a manual for it. Anyone have an original or know where I could get one???!
Thanks so much!

Edit to add:
Thanks to Susan of Hanging on by a Needle and Thread , I now have a PDF of the manual!
She sent me to this Singer page. Thanks again Susan!


  1. Check here...

  2. Google it Lola. I am sure you will find out were to get a manual.

  3. I have just been given a Jones 615 circa 60/70's. She is pale blue with a very pretty case and I have named her Bluebell. You would never guess I am completely besotted with her! She hasn't been used for donkeys years but absolutely purred when I put my foot on the pedal. My 4yr old grandson and I had great fun trying to find the on switch for the light and anyone who knows 4yr old boys will always twiddle anything. Finally found it and it really wasn't obvious. No manual but I will have un experimenting.

  4. Lola, try to google it or check out ebay. Hope you can find a manual.


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