Monday, September 16, 2013

County Fair Quilts

They really do not  display the quilted items that well at our small local county fair!
Did not want to pick them up and handle them to get pics either.
Just wish they could have at least had all the ribbon winners hung up! Pineapple block quilt was my fav!
Not too many entries. Some well they do get an A for effort!
Some pretty Fall items.
The panel on the end was really worked up nicely.
Sweet prairie points.
Some I thought should have ribbons did not and some did that other wise should not have!
Purple and yellow baby quilt.
Machine embroidery done and was very pretty.
Sweet beach themed applique!
Very nice machine quilting on this one and good job on the piecing.

We never even found the tent with needlepoint or cross stitch!
We did the Friday afternoon Senior entry for a buck.
Had a funnel cake and some water.
Looked at some other things then headed home.
Walking was not working out there for me too well.
Was not too hot and  had sunshine with a bit of breeze.

Today was catch up on wash day. No sewing got done.
Tomorrow is PT. We decided to cut back to 2 days a week.
Maybe I can get my Fall decor up!
DH bought my tubs in for me.

Have been seeing fresh pumpkins at stores and markets.
Not sure when we will get some.

Well best check wash on the line see if dry.
We are to maybe get some rain this afternoon!


  1. Sounds like you need someone on your fair board that "gets" quilts. Does your quilt guild also put on a quilt show during the year?

  2. Some really cute quilts. I love prairie points!

    Good luck at PT tomorrow. You must be doing well if they cut back to two per week.

  3. Lots of pretties! Looks like fun even if it was just a short time.

  4. I didn't see much of our fair last week either because it was too hot. I did see the quilts though! :0)

  5. Boy, they really don't make it easy to admire the workmanship on the quilts. How sad. What you showed was beautiful!

    Fall has arrived here in the Northwest. Cool rainy days. Perfect soup weather.

  6. I love the prairie points, so pretty. A lot of beauty too bad it wasn't more pleasantly displayed!
    Glad you've been able to cut back on your PT, just don't push it Lola!!

  7. How wonderful quilts!
    And your work is So So cute!! ↓↓
    Congratulations! :D


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