Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adorable Quilt and out of sorts...

Here is one of my favs from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show.
It is adorable! Love the theme of it.
Awesome work done on this one!
Once again I can not find the artist's info.
Edited to add a link to the quilts maker info on Barb's blog Fun with Barb.
Check it out and also the quilt of the ships I loved too.

Here is a cuppy-cake from the border! Sparkle is there too.

Yummy strawberry short cakes border the middle!

Tea bag draped over the vines.

One adorable cup o tea!

All the quilting was super awesome and made this quilt the lovely piece of art it is!
We really enjoyed seeing it at the show.

Not much sewing getting done around here.
Been feeling out of sorts .
Hope to get back on track soon though.

We have rain today and maybe some storms later.
Not cold out but feels cool and me.
Guess I best get to it.
Moving in slow motion so may take me a goodly bit to do the few things on my To Do List for the day!;-)

Sure hope every one is doing well!


  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon. This quilt is unreal. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. OMG...this is adorable. I bet even better in person!

  3. Aren't those sweet cupcakes on the quilt just the cutest! So clever. I do hope you get to feeling better soon....

  4. What a lovely quilt.

    Hope you are feeling well soon.

  5. Feel better soon. I've been sick too which included a trip to urgent care yesterday. All is weel just a slow recovery from the flu.

  6. That is absolutely adorable!!!!!

    Take care of yourself. It's an ugly bug out there.

  7. Totally awesome cup cake quilt. HUGS MARY

  8. Sorry you are feeling lousy and hope you feel better soon. I love that quilt. Was the tea bag a REAL one? (It looks like it in the photo!)

  9. That is a lovely quilt....I can see why it is one of your favorites.

  10. I just LOVE that quilt!!! Hope you're feeling better soon! I saw the Ortho Surgeon I've used since the first day he practiced here...well DD saw him...ANYHOO...he could NOT get over the DO I saw said I needed surgery and he said he did not foresee it not healing just fine. I could sleep with the boot off which is a HUGE RELIEF!!! But have to wear it for inside and outside for two more weeks. When I get back from PA I can not wear it inside my own home but everywhere else wear it. I see him Aug 1 and he will x-ray it then and compare them to the original ones. He could not get over DD having 3 babies of her own. She was the first patient he saw here. She had an injured foot then and a few years later her hand. Then I saw him for my hand. He actually sent me to Richmond for surgery on mine. My friend from home whose kids and she too use him said he's better than Ernest Angley!!!

  11. Hope you feel better, that quilt is absolutely beautiful!

  12. I love this quilt! Especially the tea bag. The quilting is amazing too.

  13. Sorry you are not feeling well. I love the quilt. The quilting is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

  14. Lola, that quilt is something else..just beautiful...but looks like trapunto? What alot of time this had to take to finish.....

  15. This quilt is just beautiful I love all the work put in to it. This quilt was done with a lot of love.

  16. That quilt is just amazing! If only I could quilt like that one day...!
    Hope you are feeling better soon... we all have days like that so just relax and you will get there,

    (Maybe you should go have a coffee at Alice's?!)

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon and love the quilt!

  18. Yes a gorgeous quilt. I really don't have the patience to make one that intricate now.

  19. what a fab quilt.


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