Friday, March 18, 2011

So "Toile" Done

Okay so the post title is my poor effort at being funny with a play on words.
The Midnight Garden toile quilt top is now totally done!

Here it is in all its glory hanging on my design wall( aka table cloth tacked above closet door)!
Binding fabric will be same as the black in the patchwork squares.

This was before sewing all squares and such together.
A floor dry run..;-)
The toile had to be cut so all was facing in right direction!

Center design. A goodly size wall hanging for sure.
Excuse messy cutting table there!
I do really work in here after all.

The baskets are lovely. Diana stitched hers in black .
The colors are not showing up 'real' at all!
I dyed the stitchery fabric myself.
We did change the flower designs a bit.

She added beads to her blooms too.
So now to get layered and on the needle.
I think I have it worked out how I will quilt it.

Next one up is mine. I stitched in a dark red.
My red & cream toile fabric has a bit smaller design on it then the black one.
So mine will not be as large as this one.
Feels good to have one well on the way to finished!

Lovely warm day here today 82F!!!
Nice breeze dried the pretty whites on the line.
Flowers, trees and bushes all bloomed out!
So hoping we have a nice seasonable long Spring.
Do not want Summer just yet!

Happy weekend!!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations! :0)

  2. I love black, toile, stitchery and this beauty!
    ...and oh yes...80's today is devine! My son came in and why can't everyday of the year be like today! I 2nd that!

  3. Beautimous! Can't wait to get it home :-)

  4. That is super-attractive, Lola!!!

  5. It's beautiful Lola, and enjoy your weather!

  6. O Yes! I think it is awesome! I have never seen one that is anything like this one!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the baskets.

  8. Just beatiful. I love toile. Send some of your heat this way. Its only 40 degrees here.

  9. You've done a wonderful job... congrats! Looks great! :)

  10. Wow. This is a spectacular quilt. I do hope you will enter it in a quilt show. This is truly an award winning quilt in the making. Love it.


  11. Exquisite!!! I have never seen a quilt created in toile and the hand stitching blocks are gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see the red (my favorite color!).
    Hoping you had a lovely weekend.
    Isn't it so beautiful when the trees and bushes are in bloom? :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  12. Lola such a gorgeous quilt! I love the embroidered baskets! Great job girl!!
    PS.....I'm jealous of your weather...we are still in the 30's in Ill.


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