Friday, March 2, 2012

Was out most of yesterday, Thursday, to big city with appts and errands.
So was very tired when I got back home.
No sewing or anything really got done.
Was a sunny and warm day albeit very windy!
But so nice to have such a day in Winter!

Today have more home chores to do for weekend.
Hosting nephew and family Sunday for his birthday Clam Chowder meal. FUN!

Then Monday have some other family coming by on their way home to Delaware from NC.
So must do a tad bit of dusting and such!
This house has to be the dust creator for the whole state of VA!
It can produce it over night!
To stay on top of it I would have to dust every day! Not going to happen!
Have things I prefer to do and other chores besides dusting!! Goodness!

Did get The Irish Pinwheel runner top 'aged' and over dyed Wed.

Hung it up so you can see better.

Love the 'old' look now.
May not be everyone's cup o tea but I am happy with it!

Can see it is darker with age spots;-)

The Thimbleberries fabric I choose for binding goes with it perfectly now.
The greens really look the the same. COOL BEANS!
Thinking I may add some old crochet lace along binding edge.
Must dig that out of closet. Maybe later...after hose dreaded chores!

Well must get too it!!
The day will soon be away from me if I sit here with tempting blogs to look at or get sent to Pinterest!!

Wishing all a good weekend!!!


  1. Wow, what a difference I little tea can make. I know you are much happier now. I am going to dusting and digging today too.

  2. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. I do like the Irish pinwheel.

  3. The aging rally tones down the fabric. I like it. Did you use tea?

  4. I love the Irish Pinwheel runner! As far as dust is concerned, I have the same problem living on a very windy hill in an old house. I dust when company comes and a few times in between. Life is too short to worry about "dust bunnies". Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Cute little quilt. My house generates quite a bit of dust too.

  6. I like your new 'tea' quilt!!
    and have fun with all the company--
    and stay out of the way of those storms--please!!!
    Hugs,and love, Di and miss gracie

  7. The runner is just gorgeous!Did you tea die it? I have never tried, but I should one day. It gives such a lovely effect...

  8. Love your Irish pinwheel runner! Pinterest is a temptation. I spent an hour there this morning!


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