Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Do'ins

Well now we have a pretty sunny day but on the cool side.
To be back up high 60's tomorrow then in 70's after!
Up and down like a roller coaster.
No wonder poor plants do not have any idea we even had a Winter!
Jonquils have all bloomed out and the hyacinths as well!
None for Easter this year.:-(
Had these on table for Sunday BD meal.

DH decided to get pretty with his cherry pie for Sunday.

Pretty after pic!
He also made a cake for Monday guests!

We had a busy weekend on into Monday.
All company have come and gone!
Was fun having folks in to enjoy their company, good food and laughter! !
Good Times!

I did get in a wee bit of stitching on my redwork snow fellas.

This is #7. Will add all the buttons and such after I get all the stitching finished.

Begin #8. Hope to have 9 finished by weeks end.
Then dig in stash for some red and cream/tan fabric for the pieced blocks.
This fabric is darker than it seems in the pics.

Also managed to get the lace over dyed.
Hope to get this runner finished by weeks end as well!
So have set my goals!
Best get busy!

First is a load of wash , do this bit of ironing and run the vac!


  1. That pie looks delicious and the stitching is darling. It sounds like it was a busy weekend.

  2. yum... that pie looks amazing... I love cherry pie! did you save me a piece? Ummm.... I bet not (darn!)

  3. Don't know which is purtier--the flowers or the pie.
    My bulbs are about 3 inches high so who knows when they will show up. For once it may have helped to get them in the ground late.
    Good luck with the goals.

  4. oh forget the housework and keep sewing--
    Have a fun day--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  5. Would love your recipe for this cherry pie!

  6. U have been busy!! I love cherry pie!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!