Monday, March 19, 2012

Okay..Monday ,Monday...

A peek at some fabric I am sewing with today.
Will show more later.
It is a pressie for someone special!

Crown molding is up in guest room!
Or as DH says $@#%!!! crown molding!

He is funny! He became so frustrated at times with the walls and ceiling.
You never know how wonky a wall really is till you go to paint it or put up a straight piece of molding on it!
We should be used to it by now.
Seems every time we go to do something in this 35 yr old brick home it becomes a huge effort!
Oh well I keep telling him nothing is perfect so don't sweat it!!
I love it! Will look great when done!

Well best get back to my 'secret project' if I want it done this week!!!


  1. We have the same problems when we do any kind of work on our house too...nothing is square or plumb! Love the pretty green color and I think the molding looks great!

  2. I understand walls...I live in a 90 year old farmhouse. Nothing is straight! I love your molding, especially the is beautiful. Anxious to see the finished room.

  3. I think every home has it's quirks....we have some woes too! LOL
    The molding looks great! I pro installed it (tell him!!)

  4. oh yes, the joys of wobbly walls and trim. It looks great!

    Enjoy what's left of today. Hugs!!!!


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