Friday, March 16, 2012

Careful what ya ask for...

Yes indeedy! Cause what ya want could be messy!

This is the old carpet from the guest room.
Putting down new laminate flooring.
So DH begin last Saturday!
Had to move all the stuff out.
Yes stuff all over house including my sewing room!
This room is mostly my closet and TV room now!
Was Mama's bedroom when she was with us.

DH decided this would be the time to paint also instead of later!
So good bye to Mama's pretty floral stencil. She loved her flowers.

Up went a pretty green paint.
This color will be a nice neutral for our antiques and fabrics used in room.
As always camera does not do it true.
It is a small room but bright with so many windows, so can carry a darker color.

In the process the heater fell off wall onto my foot!
Set off some bad stuff but is better today!
DH will resume work this coming weekend.
Has also decided to put up crown molding.
Happy it is all getting done at one time!

In mean time I have been doing the 'clean out' of closet, wardrobe and drawers!
Hope to be better organized as well.
Have two bags for sharing with friends and donating.
Between all this have also been doing dentist appts!

So happy the weather has remained nice!
After this project other inside ones will have to wait as DH will be working outside.
We do need to be working in flower beds(chickweed taking over) and cutting grass..YIKES!
Yes sounds crazy but with our warmer Winter things are on fast forward outside these days!
Found a blooming tulip Wednesday!
Have enjoyed sitting on porch in Mama's rocking chair.
Nice time of year with not too many bugs about..yet!

Now to find the top of dining room table so we can eat on it for St. Patrick's Day!!!!!


  1. isn't it a great feeling when you redo a room . get it all organized. I am doing the same.
    Good for you

  2. Eating is such an over rated thing--or maybe that was eating on a table. That was it!!!! You could always have a picnic on the floor in the new room! It is going to look great. :}


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