Thursday, March 15, 2012

A 'ShotGun' for me....

Yes you read that title right!
But my shotgun is red!!
DH bought himself another shotgun!
He does not hunt, just shoot targets.
Whatever if it makes him happy!

Well I decided I needed 'one' in if he bought that gun I could buy something as well!!
So after seeing this sweet chair on Gari's blog here...I went to check out the site!
Fell in love with the dark red lil number!
It arrived Saturday morning!
Fast free delivery!!!
Thanks for posting about yours Gari!

"Ruby" is very comfy!
The tractor seat was after all planned to be that way for farmers!
It goes from the PC desk to the sewing machine in a flash!
I know not my normal style but sometimes comfort has to over rule antique country style!

Humm now my 'shotgun budget' still has some left over cash...fabric maybe????!!! hahaha!!

By the by was without internet all day Tuesday! Hughes Net had a satellite go out! So was behind on blog reading!!


  1. I checked out the, I'm ordering one today. Tractor seats are so comfortable!

  2. AWESOME chair! Great color! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great chair! YEARS ago I found a real deal tractor seat fitted on top of an old secretary swivel base chair. It was a first for me to see anything like it. I sat down and loved the comfort and immediately bought it for hubby! He uses it all the time in garage and basement. He would be heart broken if something ever happened to it. It is that good! SO....I am really considering this for me at the long arm.

  4. What a darling red chair!! Where does your hubby do targets?? Mine does it too :-)

  5. What a super find!!! It looks really comfortable too.

  6. Do they have it in pink? Just love your chair...

  7. Love your SHOTGUN. sure looks comfy....

  8. Ruby is very snazzy!!! You'll be zooming around the sewing room like you were shot out of that shotgun!
    Have fun!

  9. Very coooool! I've seen them around and wondered if they were comfy... love your green table runner by the way :)

  10. If I hear about you out plowing fields
    on that chair---!!!
    I love red, my self!!!
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  11. LOVE the red chair Lola! It really does look comfortable! Enjoy!


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