Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buttons make it POP...

Now that is what DH said when he saw I had added the buttons(finally) to the Irish Pinwheel Runner. Hahaha!

Before without buttons. Laid long ways on chest.
My measurements were off a tad.
An inch or so on each end sticks out.
DH will brush his leg against it going past and it will slide!

So turned this way and I like it!
Done in time for Saturday!
Shoot almost time to work up some Easter things as well!!

Been busy here with 'house' stuff! Messy!
Happy to be working on the next room but hate the mess it makes of the whole house!

Love our weather this week!!!!
Warmer sunshine and flowers all a blooming!!
One of my fav times of heat on or need of AC!

Edit to add:
I made this runner up myself with no pattern.
Just trial and error as I cut and sewed doing my own thing.
Thanks for all the nice comment on it and interest!


  1. The buttons do make it pop! I like the color choice on the buttons...

  2. Beautiful! I like it better across the chest too...nice job!

    1. Does look neat this way and no more finding it cross ways!;-)

  3. I do love the buttons!!!! I like the way you have placed it too.

  4. I just love this tablerunner. The buttons really top it off :-)

  5. I like the buttons and I do like it laid crosswise too! :0)

  6. What a lovley table runner and the buttons look great.

  7. And it turned out perfect, Lola, I love it!

  8. I love your runner! At least he noticed, right? My hubby came in today and I had a new little quilt that I had made. I waited and waited and he never noticed. lol Men!!!! Hilarious.

  9. Did you get storm tonight? got dark and thunder here...a few drops...understand some near us got WIND AND RAIN. Yes, I've loved the weather we've been having. If MIL is about the same we're heading to AMISH for a few days before long. Can't wait! Several of their fabric shops I want to hit...three of them anyway and that will be my Mid-Atlantic since I didn't got over to it this year....Got too much on hand now but I'm collecting for some ideas I have floating around in my head if ever get the time LOL

  10. I really like your St. Patricks runner. Could you tell me who designed the pattern? I would love to make one.

  11. I am happy you like my runner Trish! It is my own design no pattern. Just cutting and sewing as I went along.


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