Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wool Snow...

Yes I pulled out some wool snow to work on this weekend.
From this basket and box.

Finished this wool runner top.
Now to add backing and finish it up!

Here is Lefty!

His buddy Rightly! Hahaha!
These fellas have been hanging around for a couple years parts that is!!
They have a couple cousins on a longer runner that soon will join them!
I do hope to have them fully assembled and on display before Winter is over!

Now when DH sees me using snowmen he gets nervous!
Seems I am always to blame when we get snow here...hahaha!


  1. Your two guys are really cute! PLEASE...not snow for our mid-Atlantic region, okay???

  2. Nice to know I'm not the only one with unfinished projects hanging around! Cute snowmen...

  3. Cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! Using your time wisely I see. G-man would not mind a bit of snow, so keep making those cuties.

  4. They are SO cute, Lola!

    Funny how much I love snowmen and how much I dislike snow ;)

  5. I love snow--as long as I have enough chocolate for me and cat food for the 'baby'!! and projects to work on==the projects are plentiful right now--but no snow here, and in fact they are saying 50's by end of the week==what in Feb--you have got to be kidding me!!!!!
    Love those snowmen--I usually work on snowmen in Jan--but did not==no now wait a minute==I did too, build a couple==there was a couple in the boms for this Jan--so did build me a snowman or two!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  6. You're a hoot Lola! Those guys look pretty cute but then I've got a soft spot for Snowmen. ann :-)

  7. Hi Lola,
    Nice to see your cute little snowmen.
    DID it snow????

  8. Hello again. I hope you will accept my nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award. Just go to my latest post and follow the rules.

  9. Oh...I love this! Snowmen are my favorite!

  10. They are adorable!!! I want some REAL SNOW AROUND HERE!!! Hoping I get to Mid-Atlantic this year!!! I'm avoiding gumballs from then neighbor's tree across the street...LOL...
    MIL had two strokes in Jan. on on 2nd her 94th birthday that was minor and a second one 12 days later that was a major one. She's improving they say but it's very hard to see it.


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