Sunday, December 28, 2008


Was so tired yesterday just laid around mostly.
Was a dark gray day too so that did not help much.
Now today we are some sunny, 77 temp but wind blowing a gale.
Still nice to see the sun and be warmer.
Windows open!!!

Been a busy time for us since before the 20th gathering here in our home!
We did pass a wonderful holiday with our family and friends. Received some wonderful gifts!!!
Best of all was the special time we had to put away and keep near our hearts till we can all be together again.

Have to do some catching up though.
Got wash in dryer.( too windy to hang out, bummer)
Bedding to change.
Stuff to pack up to take on a day trip tomorrow.

Visiting a few of our Grands!
Be so nice to see them, get some hugs n kisses.
Been a bit since we have seen them.
They are at the age they stay so busy !
Oldest one will be going off to nursing school soon!
Where does time go??
Seems like just yesterday day she was a sweet cute wee one leading us around in wonder of her.

When we get back home will begin the transformation of our home from Christmas Magic back to Normal We Do Live Here mode.
Putting all the memories away for yet another year.
Prepare for the cozy winters rest… yeah right! Ha!!
Got tons I want to do, well maybe not tons but seems like it.
I always start off the New Year with a WANT TO DO list.
Do you??
I have some things I need to let go of as well …things that will never get done and just maybe I do not really want to do them anymore anyway! Ha!
Time to move on and not feel like a bad bad gal for it!

Now here are some ornies I did finally get sewed up in the nick of time!!!
A pal cross stitched a set of 6 each, for her and I.
They are on a pretty linen. Used cording and ribbon to trim.
This was her set. Loved them as much as mine!!
She can leave them out year round too maybe in a small basket.

Okay off to do more stuff.
I did sleep in today..may need to rest later with one of my new books. ;-)


  1. Wow. I wish you lived next door. Have been quilting for years, love English murder mysteries,etc. Have a daughter 24, recently married as og Oct and a 29 yr old son. Married for over 30 yrs.

  2. Love the cross stitch. Today's my day to lay around.
    Theresa N

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! What new books did you get?


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