Saturday, December 27, 2008


Now I know we all make them, we all break them.
I do not make them anymore ..I do set goals for myself though.
Yes could be called the same thing… but seems like less pressure to call them Goals versus Resolutions. Ha!!!

I do want to begin a healthier lifestyle, so this includes changing some of my eating habits, so I can lose weight.
Not a diet just eating healthy hopefully for the rest of my life!

Want to stick to my exercises that the Doc says I need to do for the arthritis and to begin getting ready for my new knees!!

I also have plenty of ‘stuff’ I need to sell, give way , trash..etc.
Just try to be more organized and return things to their proper place when done… oh my!

Finish projects that I have begun or have bought the pattern, books, fabrics, etc.
I want to be a ‘positive encouragement’ to DH to finish all his home projects… haa!!!

Oh the sewing side, here is some neat things posted on Quilt Guild Guide Blog.
Check out My Goals for tips to help you make good New Year’s Resolutions.
Don't ya just love the block up there...called Country Husband...I have one of those... ha!!!!
Click on it to check out Dawn's clip art.

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