Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Cleaning

Making progress here on the holiday cleaning !!

Yes holiday cleaning. I know bad word.

The one I do in between Fall decorating and the Christmas decorating!

I do not know what it is but this house is a dust magnet.
I can dust then go back later and see some new!!! Good thing I am not phobic about it.

I have drug that vacuum cleaner all over too...spiders have been evicted , the webs are gone ...sofa, chairs and window treatments are all dust and animal hair free...well for a lil while.
Whew what a work out…hum maybe doing that once a day would equal a trip to the Y!

Oh well not gonna happen anyway!;-)

Tried to sort the pantry, take stock of white I have or don't put on list, to get my supplies all in order for the cookie baking. Did the fridge too, so now room for more yummy stuff!!

Hope to have this all done tomorrow then up goes the tree and garlands.

I just love to sew , bake & cook with the tree up along with all the decorations and carols playing too. Fire lit in fireplace. Just something so comforting about it.

One good thing about the shorter days is being able to have the pretty outside lights on longer...;-)

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  1. I'm glad to hear someone else has the same dust problem I do! It seems to breed, and I can't find the mating pair!
    Have fun with your decorating, I'm taking a break right now.
    Happy Holidays!


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