Thursday, December 11, 2008

Display Quilts & Putting Up Christmas Decor!

Oh my Melissa over at Cornbreadandbeansquilting’s Weblog
Has done up 2 wonderful blog posts on this subject with pics she has found.
You must check it out!

I love all of them pretty much.
Need to decide if I want to try any of these with my antique quilts.
I also need to get more of my own projects done so I can get them displayed as well.
Enjoy all the eye candy!!

I am feeling better so trying to finish my decorations.
What a job but fun!!! Once a year we can play with our stuff, go over the top putting up toys!!
DH finished the outside last Sunday , so pretty.
I can’t seem to get camera settings right to get a good pic though!!!
Just a couple pics here will try for more later.
My niece had bought me some cute Santa ribbon and Snowmen ribbon when her and her pal went to Williamsburg a while back so that seet my ideas a whirling.
We bought some red,white and silver candy cane looking ribbon to go with it, cute look!!!
Santas are all over living room table tops, mantal and tree.
Trying for snow folks in dining room but leaving room for the people and food!
Oh yes we are getting a new fireplace screen that is why it is folded up... ha!!
Well back to work.


  1. Thank you, thank very special box arrived, and everything arrived safely. The tea cup is elegant, the teas waiting to be steeped,the book will be read soon and sadly, well the candy bar is almost gone....eeeks, I have no self-control!!!! Thank you again Miss Lola......

  2. How beautiful! Your decorations and tree, the fireplace are grand, and the outside of the house, WOW!

  3. Wow, pretty festive there! It looks great! I am a little envious of those who are such awesome decorators, because I am not! 7 years and no pictures on the walls! LOL!!

  4. I can imagine your Christmas decoration through this picture…it's gorgeous.


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