Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peek A Boo

See my lil sleepy redhead .
Sadie does not like it when I get up early.
She is used to sleeping in later after Pop Pop goes off to the office.
I am her ‘litter mate’ I reckon as she wants to snuggle and sleep not just sleep by herself. Ha!
She is such a joy to us. A lil sweetheart small rabbit beagle who is cute and funny!
In her ‘old life’ she did not have much too eat, so now she just loves FOOD!
Lives to eat! I think she would eat till she upchucked if we let her.
Sadie & I really will have to try harder to lose some weight come Jan!

We are headed out now for our morning walk.
Cloudy day and quite cold. Won't be a long walk today!


  1. What an adorable picture! Very photogenic! Dogs are priceless, wouldn't be without one.

  2. That picture is wonderful. My lab used to climb in bed with me when DH would go in to work EARLY...And he would climb in with him when he went to bed early because he had to go in early. Now he lays down on the floor next to my side of bed or he gets in/on a vacant bed.


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