Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bittersweet Folk Art Primitives!!

Check out Bittersweet Folk Art Primitives!!
New blog to add to your list!
Mandy is a sweet dear gal and also very talented!!!
She can whip up some awesome Folk Art Dolls and other delights.
I am very lucky to have some of her work in my home along with the artist herself on occasion! ;-)

One of Mandy’s Santa’s is setting in a chair my living room now and her sweet Snow Angel is guarding over the dining room.
Along with some candy canes here and there!!
I must ‘chat’ with her about a couple other pieces from her collection.. ha!!

She sells on Etsy and eBay …will do orders and wholesale.
You will not be disappointed.

Now she also has an awesome way of decorating her home..WOWSERS!!
Her last home was to die for but they have moved ocean side now so look forward to seeing what she has done with her new place!!!
I bet she will be sharing some pics on her blog!!!


  1. What a great plug for your friend! I'll have to check out her blog, etc. Thanks.

  2. Aaww thank you Lola
    I just loved seeing my dollies sitting all around your house ..lol


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