Monday, May 10, 2010


Not 38 inches of fabric, not a 38 inch waist, not a 38 pistol, not 38 yards, pounds or feet of any thing!
Just a lot of 38 degrees F COLD!!!
What we woke up to this early AM!
Can you believe it here in southeastern Virginia on May 10th!
To think we thought 46 F was cold yesterday when we got up! NOT!
I mean after all Sat wind was huff'n, blowing dust around and it was 90 F!!
Oh well the upside is the plants that were re-potted and new plants planted are getting a few days of reprieve from the heat.
Wind is still blowing here today more northerly.
We are dry ,very dry and need that rain we had way back when it was TOO MUCH !
Oh dear...sigh.

I sure hope everyone passed a wonderful day Sunday.
If you were celebrating Mother's Day I hope you made lots of sweet memories!
Thanks so much for all the sweet Mother's Day wishes to me!
We had a very lovely day with our son, his wife and her parents!
The kids put on a super brunch for us!
All was yummy.
We 'Moms' received pretty roses along with our sweet cards!

Had a nice long visit .
Had not see DIL's parents in a goodly while.
Sadly yet again I took camera and took NO PICS!

So on way home DH stops to buy me a big container of strawberry's from the farm!

Told me to save MY CASH for something else...what a guy!! ;-)

At home I got comfy with a cup of tea and a movie.
Was flipping channels and found 'The Holiday' about to begin!
Love that one!!

Now back to my real world!
Putting those berries away!
Some laundry, cooking and cleaning.
Maybe I will fit in a bit of crafting, stitching or sewing too!
Hope you all also can fit in a bit of fun today as well.
Just something to make you smile or you enjoy.
No matter how big or small a thing!
Good for the soul!


  1. I hate this turn the weather has taken. Hubby and I rarely get away due to the dog not being one who can be kenneled and rarely having anyone to watch him. We are leaving tomorrow for 3 days in Amish country and the weather is going to be HORRID most of the time. *sigh* So much for getting to take a buggy ride and do outdoor stuff. WHY can't the forecasts be wrong when they predict lousy weather...and have it turn out nice instead??

  2. I can so relate about the weather! It's so cold, windy, and with all the rain we've been having, the ground is saturated. Now it's rain for the rest of the week!
    My day yesterday was so nice, spent it with Mom and my sisters and spouses, great nephews and nieces. The day ended with a phone call from my son. Perfect!

  3. It was 68 degrees here in Central Florida this morning. VERY unusual for this time of year. Glad to hear that you had such a nice day yesterday.

  4. Ekkkkkkkkkk 38?? That's crazy!! Ours has been crazy too!
    Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

  5. It's cold here too. this morning it was 32 degrees tonight they're predicting 27degrees! They say it's because of a cold front down from Canada. Think they should keep their weather up there, don't you?

  6. Okay Ladies sorry to say we are having beautiful weather, 19 deg Cel.but it should be colder for us. I think the world is upside down.
    Check out mu blog and it may worm you up.

    Pleased you had a lovely Mother's day I did too.

  7. Would you beleive

    MY blog and WARM you up

  8. Hi--from the cold state of NY--we are suppose to be in the mid 20's tonight--I sure hope it does not kill all our spring flowers--we wait all winter for those flowers to bloom!! OH well--we must really take the time to appreciate the good warm sunny days!!!
    Hugs, Di
    PS did you know I am up for adoption??

  9. We have had a cold morning, unusually hot day, cold tonight, much colder tomorrow and super chilly tomorrow night. Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day. Cheers, Ann :-)

  10. 38 and even colder here, we had a bit of frost....glad I hadn't bought my ferns yet....

  11. We have had a very cool spring here in Ireland too, so I can relate. Glad that you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  12. I got orange roses for mother's day as well. Aren't they just the best?
    I can't imagine it being that cold this far into the year. I'm excited cause it's finally warm enough to jump in the pool!


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