Monday, December 15, 2008


Thanks for all the kind remarks on my decorating projects.
It is fun to be able to just go wild once or twice a year, Fall and Christmas!
I do use what I have an it comes out different every year.
Hope to get more good pics after we have things already for the gathering Sat evening.
Now in everyday life our home is not as ‘golden’.. ha!!!
As I like to tell folks we do LIVE here!!!
There are days I do not want to open the front door or at least allow no one down the hall! HA!!

We have more work to do here that was side lined when DH had to have surgery.
Doc says he will be good to go come March so look out for the LONG HONEY DO LIST!

Finish repainting all outside trim, shutters and finish storage shed.
Put up extra carport.
Pull rest of old shrubs out, put in new, redo the beds.
Paint kitchen cabinets new hardware.
New sink, fixtures and counter top.
Put in new flooring in entry, baths to go with new carpet.
Repaint all trim.
New door knobs, hardware, etc.
Total redo in both bathrooms…they are small.
Put in attic stairs.
New open shelving in pantry.
Clean out utility room cabinets for my use ONLY. Haa!!

Humm if DH sees this he may decide more surgery maybe better then all this! Ha!!!

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