Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh my....

I say that with a HEBBY HEBBY sigh.

I HAVE too much de-cluttering to do!
I have been working on my files on my put'er , too many old ones and duplicates in all of them, pics big time.
Have to do this as we have a new one to set up and I do not want to up load all this junk again!!

Wed my niece, Diana, is coming out to HELP me TRY to de-clutter some and rearrange this sewing room!!
I can no longer get my cutting table out when I need it unless I move 'piles' around!!
I have loads of WIP/UFOs I have to finish and need this lil room to work better.
Poor lil room, not it's fault it can't work SMART is the human in controls fault!;-)

I know this can not be fixed in one day but it is a bit more on the way to done.

I have done some already..okay a lil bit. See right pic.;-)
No this is in no way all my fabrics!
Then I had stuff to do in a hurry and BAM...had a BIG MESS attack!!!!

I finally realize there are things in here that Iwill never use or even want to anymore.
So will pass them on to others who may want or need them.

Also I have decided I am just a needle and thread person, so all the 'other craft supplies' need to leave this room. Go live with someone who does paper and paint things.

I know it will be hard to part with some of the things I have been MEANING TO GET RD'TO for sooo very long! I think I am ready.. I really do...suck it up and just let go!! Try not to feel like such a failure for not sticking with some of the projects! ;-(

Yes I can... Yes I can...will just keep this up and cry later!!!


  1. I have to say I am jealous of your fabric collection! I don't have near that much! Hope the organizing goes well.

  2. Thanks Sara for visiting and posting on my blog!
    Also for the good wishes on my attempt to make this room work better.
    I also have a closet full of fabric that I want to be able to SEE when I begin a project. So I do have a goal, just need to stay on track!


Luv hear'in from ya!!