Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progress Was Made!!!!

I do not think I could have kept going had it not been for my sweet helper!!!!!
I am so grateful that she took time out of her VACATION to come help me.
So owe her BIG TIME!!!

Granted there is still work to be done, more stuff out of drawers , pc corner area, etc.
Will keep up the momentum this push has given me.
I am so happy though to see the floor, open closet doors to other fabric, and be able to pull out my cutting table!!!!
I have to say I did get harsh with myself and purged fabric and other things.

I have been so blessed many times with gifted fabric and other things related and non related to my sewing and crafty habits.
I am so grateful to all who thought of me in this way.... hugs to all!!
I had a hard time letting go of some things even though I did not use them, just for this very reason.
Yes I am/was one of those folks...if it was a gift I HAD to keep it even if it is not used, in the way, not my taste, or needs to go!!!
Haaa!! Well I am break'in that habit somewhat!

Sent bags to thrift for others to find treasures to use!!
I also pulled some out to bundle up and sale.

I keep hearing the phrase.. Creative people have clutter.
Well I am here to tell ya.. my creative clutter was beginning in to DAMAGE my creativeness big time!!!
I guess if you have a huge area you can spread out then some 'creative clutter ' is okay...NOT when you are in a very small room!!!!
Also NOT when you are NOT able to remember what is where! Ha!!!!

Anyway suffice it to say the 3 goals of yesterday were met!!

Pic of closet doors OPENED...and the cutting table cleared and ready to ROLL!!!
Now on to my next set of goals!!
Baby steps are good...after all folks....Rome was not built in a day ya know!!!!


  1. Progress is looking good! And yes, Creavtivity = Clutter!

  2. Thanks Sara!!
    Haa ...yes such a shame.
    Now see if I just had some one to just pick up behind me...........NOT!;-)


Luv hear'in from ya!!