Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey ya'll!!

I am still here. Still busy doing my clean out . Making progress, though at times it appears I am making a Bigger Mess!!
Taking time from the clear out to be creative. Need too keep up my creative energy!;-)

I came across some vintage tablecloths I had planned to do something with and decided to see what I could do.
Now before you collector folks get all up about it, these are ones that have been washed but are not perfect. They have a few stains
and wear spots. So I am just trying to give them a longer life in another way, shopping bags, by cutting around these areas when possible.

Decided to try a TUT of a simple easy lined shop tote, so hope to have that up
when I finish.
These need to be lined as they are real vintage ones and need that extra support I feel
Still fully washable.

Some others I will make some window valances and yellow.
A Country French look. I use the ones that are still in good shape on my
old kitchen enameled table.
Love that vintage look!

I also have some quilt projects and wool hand ones to work on as well.
Soon will be FALL DECOR time, one of my fav times to do up the mantle and house!
Have not got as far with my dard red pieced toile table runner as I had wanted. Wanted it done by the winter holidays along with the place mats
and other things!!!!

The thing with the cleaning out is I tend to find things I have set aside for this,that and the other and get side tracked!
Reading a book, mag or fabric, lace or such. Almost like finding
hidden treasures!!!!
I sure hope between now and Dec 25th I have accomplished as much as I think I will!!!!

I also have put up more butter beans and corn in freezer, still hope to get green beans soon, they seem to be running later as we have not really had rain as we needed it. Our lil garden is drying up so bad! Sure hope we get a few tomatoes off those plants anyway.Getting tempted to pick a couple an fry us up some Fried Green 'Maters!!! We normally do that after the ripe harvest
Went and helped DH pick blackberries for his lil cobblers, yes were yummy. Also bought cantaloupes and more tomatoes at the farm stand.

Uncle Ollie just brought us some more blueberries this morning that Aunt Dot picked.
These will go into a cobbler also I am thinking.

I hope some you all decided to send a package to the drive for Flooded Quilters . I sent one, now to get another one ready. Does not have to be a lot.
I know if it was me I sure would want some one to think of me in this way.
This is such a small thing we can do compared to the over all lose they have suffered.

So see ya later to hang out some wash on line then back to having some sewing fun !!!!

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