Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fruits of our Labors

As promised or proof of our labor. ha!!
Here are the jars of snaps beans. Did do up 7 qts of what I call my 'company snaps'!
Left them nice an long, all lined up pretty in the jars. Look like County Fair Jars... ha!!!
These will look pretty on a platter with dressing and toasted almonds don't ya know!;-)
Next is what DH came out with after smoking his 40 # of pork butts.
Seems they were more fat then meat. Only had like 17# after the long smoking process.
We share some then put rest in freezer for later.
Once he puts on his sauce it is yummy and a 1# will make a meal with buns and cole slaw. What is this in this big bag you ask????
It is Crowder Peas! This area's pick over Blackeye Peas, which is what I grew up with.
I can eat these too.The fella who bought the farm blessed us with them.
Says will be picking butter beans soon so will have more of those.
DH told him I had already frozen a bushel .... says bringing them anyway!

Anyway we have a job now to get these Crowder's shelled, put in freezer.
I must say I have got spoiled with getting our stuff already shelled!
So much easier to let a machine do it!!;-)
May have to search out some young fingers to help us out...hummm wonder where......??? Ha!

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  1. Ohhhhh...I love crowder peas! I don't envy you having to do the shelling of those peas though! Your canned green beans look beautiful! I think you need to hang a blue ribbon on them!


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