Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Such Is Life

I do declare ..as my sweet Mama used to say...Winter is still hanging on round here! Tonight suppose to be snow. Not a huge lay out but still snow! We lost our warm temps and have had cold again. Did have sunshine though.

DH has been fighting a horrid cold. Seems to be easing up some with ZiCam. Surprise it did not land on me...yet. Good thing as I had picked up some sort of bug/infection again already.  Let's just say runs every where with fever. Dr put me back on meds! I am wondering if DH is right and we need to move south when he retires! Germ free if there is such a place! ;-)

DH is convinced he would do great in Florida just for Winter. I am not so gun-ho about leaving my home for 4 months at a time! We have done a month before and by week 3 I am ready to head home! We do not live in town so having our home looked after for such a long period may be an issue. Yes I worry about all kinds of things going wrong! Just my nature!;-)

Been busy dealing with all this mess. What is it? Well medial bills! You have to pay every person who poked in their head into your hospital room it seems!!!!

 I recall a time when it was pretty simple ....you pay insurance,  they pay bills. Not so much anymore as we have to pay more for insurance and more out of pocket these days!

Did have a pleasant day last week! Alice came and we hung out a bit. She is like a ray of sunshine!! We tried to catch up! just not enough time! Told her we need a retreat! We exchanged gifts and I must have been already sick as took no pic of her!!

 One of my pressies was this wonderful fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads, Spicy Curry.

 Love it! The whole color range works so well. I want to cut it now!!

Also this Jellyroll. When Alice sees good deals on Missouri Star Quilting Co that are 'me' she will scoop 'em up! I just do not hang out in the right places I reckon! ;-) Was more goodies but put away before taking pics. Off we went to town. Popped in a thrift. Found some treasures, lunch and back to my home. Was getting nasty out with cold rain ,Winter mix as they call it. Loaded up all her goodies so she could get home in time to get ready for her kung fu practice. Busy lady!

On sewing front I do have seven of the basket centers quilted but more to go! Plan to do rest of block with straight lines on angle.

This will take a while so I may pull out something else to work on! My gift making is on
hold till I can get more fabric for a project. Did not have enough.;-(

We had Hughes Net come out and upgrade us to the Gen 4 and upped our service. WOW! I can now do stuff like watch a video or Smile Box !!! Even watch QNNtv or Alex and Ricky! So far so good. Had to sign up for 2 yrs so will enjoy while I can!!

On another note, if you are still here....! I have a new wireless keyboard and mouse. Christmas gifts just now set up. The keyboard is a tad weird. You have to be sure you press HARD or what you click will not be what you get! Also seems to have a bit of drag. Just taking some getting used to I reckon. So if I have not found all my boo boos and corrected them..just over look it please!


  1. I am thinking that Florida year round would sound good about now!!!

    Lovely gifts there! You will have fun with them.

    There is little better than a speedy internet service. Enjoy it.

    1. No too hot and humid in summer!! I have lived there as a teen and was not impressed! Love the speed so far!!! Thax Mary!

  2. You know my vote on Florida--run as fast as you can away from it. Just new and different things to be allergic too and winter colds turn into summer ones! I'm am going to try to work on those gifts in the next couple of days. If I could just ignore those cleaning things. I think I still have one more broken arm bill sitting here to pay too. I worked harder on that wound then the doctors did and no one paid me?????? Now we have to set up Skype so we can have conference sewing!

    1. yes I do...;-) I may get C down to two mths best I can do. He has friends at Southern Palms, Eustis and that is where he is looking. Not sure on the Skye but will check!

  3. Oh my--where do I start--you had alot in this post--
    first I hope that both you and hubby get well soon--they say zinc works the best for colds and the flu!!!
    love your new gifts--and about Fla--I vote for the east coast mid state-Melborue Palm bay area--always a nice breeze there-I lived there for 6 years and that is where my two brats live!!!!!
    If I was rich--I would get me a RV and live north in the summer and south in the winter--dream on-Di!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  4. Awesome prezzies! UGH, medical bills. And don't look at the prices. They charge these heinous amounts and then settle for way less. I don't get it (and I used to work in healthcare!). It's like they mark it up to mark it down. Grrrrr!

    Stay warm and dry. We have off and on rain today, and more rain coming later this week. Not something we need after that huge mud slide up north. Bless them.

    I say escape to Florida. It's worth it.

  5. Oh my! I hope you and your sweetie feel much better soon! The weather you are continuing to have doesn't help!

    You did receive some nice gifts from your friend. So glad that you got out for a bit.

  6. Oh....my two favorite places...Connecting Threads and MIssour Star Quilt Co


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