Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Sunday

Hope everyone is having a good one! We have gray skies, colder temps and chance of Winter Mix into tomorrow! Lordy Mercy when will this nasty Winter go away!!??/!!

We had our son and DIL out today for his belated birthday meal from February.
DH cooked  and baked for two days it seems! Yesterday he made two cakes. Crazy man!
 He made delish ground sirloin steaks with awesome onion gravy, baked the fan cut potatoes and made his famous homemade rolls. I helped. I prepared the butter beans and did clean up duty. ;-)
 The rolls were huge! Oh so yummy good!
 We all were stuffed!! Before the peach cobbler and ice cream was gift time!
 Loved the gift certificate to DH's favorite meat shoppe!
 Here is son modeling the apron! Was a perfect fit!!! He is a nut! ;-)  All enjoyed the day immensely!
Pops did go take a nap after they left. Poor old thing was pooped!

Yesterday was National Quilting Day. I did not sew but did pin!
Another top I want finished into a quilt !!
Yes that is a lot of pins! I have to do this cause I seem to not be able to keep my quilt sandwich from shifting. I like spray baste or fusible batting if I machine quilt and wash  but still undecided which way I will go on this one, machine or hand. Only thing is hate to start hand quilting and my hand/fingers give out on me!
Found a spot where I missed blanket stitching! So will do by hand and do not think will be noticed.

On to the next birthday sewing projects. If I keep at it may get my list all done! Hahaha! Yeah Right!


  1. Oh you can send that crazy man over here to Aussie to do some cooking. Looks like a great feast and fun day was had..Pleased your DS loved his gifts.
    Nice quilt.. Have fun quilting it either way.

  2. Yummy! Nothing wrong with two cakes!!! The birthday boy looks quite pleased. And the baskets look great!!!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I think I would need a nap too!

  4. Judging from that huge smile, I think the birthday boy liked his gifts! I usually pin baste. But my last project used spray basting. Love that!

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time. Food sounds delish! How lucky you are to have a hubby that can bake those awesome looking buns!

    So happy that you got some creative time in :)

  6. Hey, I 'm blog hopping today, looking for new quilt blogs to read. The quilt you are making is gorgeous and looks like a lot of work put into it!!! Oh, and I wish your hubby would teach my hubby all those wonderful kitchen skills!


Luv hear'in from ya!!