Thursday, March 6, 2014

March already!!!

 Goodness! We are almost into Spring with Easter soon to follow! Well I hope so anyway!!!
 This is part of what we have had last several days! Was Ice, Snow and more Ice!! Caused so many traffic headaches and accidents around here. Bridges closed, which is not a good thing in the land of rivers, bays and ocean! Today all the snow is about gone and we are looking forward to warmer temps but also rain. Oh well at least it will not freeze to roads!!!

Thanks so much for all the get well wishes and prayers on my behalf! I am feeling lots better. Just seemed to take a goodly bit to get my strength back up!

I did manage to get my Red-work Snowbound to this stage! All quilted. Ready for binding then I will add the buttons and embellishments. Love it!
Just did simple straight outline quilting. It is not a quilt to be used but a wall hanging. I am at the point in my sewing life I want things done! So will not stress over such things. Do my best and let it go. So far my family and friends have loved and used all the ones they have been given! So that is all that matters to me!
Glad to have this one off my list! Have one more that has been ready to quilt for a while so it is up next!!!
I tend to get energized when I finish one project and want to finish yet another!!!
As you know I do not just make quilt items I enjoy sewing all kinds of things!
My sis-in-law had her 70th birthday, leap year baby, so we celebrated on March1. She adores the beach so I made her a beach bag.
I have had these fun gal panels a couple years. Used one for another gal's (cousin) birthday gift a few years ago. Used them as pockets on this bag. I went simple this time just fun fabric that I quilted, no piecing.
We all gathered at nephew's home to celebrate her birthday with a delish supper. SIL seemed to like it. She has booked a cottage for 2 weeks in the OBX this summer so it should get a work out!
I am behind on several birthdays from Feb because of illness so must catch up as March and April are full of them too!!!!
A Wife's, Mom's, Auntie's and Grandmama's birthday work is never done!
Now if some magic fairies would come and catch up the house on cleaning and straightening up I would be all set!!!!


  1. When you find those fairies, will you send them here when you are done with them?

    Your quilt looks beautiful and I love the tote. That is perfect for your SIL.

    Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  2. I'm totally with you on the housekeeping faeries. Of course, if I'd get off my rear and do it... LOL! Off to bind a quilt today. A finish.

    Sending you much love, dear!

  3. Our yard looks similar to yours, but believe it or not I noticed that my daffodils are up about an inch or so! Spring is definitely coming!

  4. Think you need the spring fairy, glad you are feeling better

  5. Love that quilt and that sexy beach bag!!! Am glad that you are feeling better.
    I hired a fairy to day to help me spring clean and de-clutter and that is a good feeling!! We will work on it together a couple hours each week--so am looking forward to that--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. LOVE the snowbound quilt and the beach bag. Please send the fairies to my place when they finish yours :)

    Glad you are feeling have been MISSED my friend :)

  7. If you find that fairy could you send her over to my house. The bag is super cute and I love, love, love the snowmen.
    I think I hear the raindrops starting to fall. Glad you are feeling better and getting energized.

  8. So glad to hear you're recuperating Lola! I love your quilt, and the beach bag is adorable. Hope all continues to go well for you!

  9. Sorry you have been ill, hopefully you are well on the mend. I love your redwork...truly love it!!

  10. Love your redwork snowmen!!! Pretty!


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