Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Sewing

Well here we are beginning the 4th month of the new year! WOW! Time is indeed flying by us! We are having some very nice Spring days. Yesterday, Tuesday, was so warm and pretty! Today is nice but chance of some April showers later. Tomorrow we are to be 84F!! WOWZERS!

Friday is also DH's BD. So will be coking him something special for supper.
He has not said yet what he wants though. Best get on that so in case shopping needs doing for the meal.
Do hope one gift I ordered will arrive tomorrow as it is suppose too!

Did a bit of sewing for him as well. He did like the chef's apron I made for son so now he also has one!
Along with the cooking rag in pocket and some pot holders.
 He loves his mushrooms so when I saw this fabric it had his name all over it!
Cooking rag tucked into the pocket of the apron. Will try to get a pic of him with apron on.
Potholders to match.  He tends to be hard on them so make em tough just for him!;-)
 I did not have enough mushroom fabric to do the backs. Was not able to go to big city for more. The thrift store fabric I found worked great for these and apron!

Already have my next 'get it done' project ready. Used the GO! to cut out some flowers.
It is a runner with a Spring/Summer vibe. Yes another BD gift.
Thanks to Alice's Christmas gifts I have the perfect fabrics to use!

As I said before from Jan through June we have lots of birthdays!! Next big birthday rush will be Fall!
I was behind celebrating my all sweeties with hospital stay and then sick yet again at home!
We hosted a meal with our sweet niece and nephew this past Sunday for their birthdays.
Fun day! Once again Old Gal here forgot to take pics!

Just have two more BD gifts to make then mail out and I should be caught up...hahaha!
Caught up only on the BD gift making list, nothing else!!!
I do so want to get 2 big quilt tops finished!
Oh well being caught up and on track is over rated...right???!!!
Least I always have something I can be sewing !! ;-)

Well best get moving. Have to make a town run for something I thought I had but as usual it is no where to be found!
 Have a good one!!!


  1. Oh what wonderful and cute gifts for your DH! He will love them.

  2. Me thinks you are spoiling that DH of yours!!!
    great projects!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  3. Yes, I think I am definitely going to have to make the grill man a set of those accessories. I should aim for Father's Day rather then his b-day. Glad I could help with the next project!! Now if only we could slow down the calendar a little bit...

  4. Wonderful gifts!!!! You give me such good ideas for my sons

  5. Love the potholders. I need new ones. Just need to sit down and make them.


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