Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Christmas!
 So been busy here with lots of things. Medical appts, dental appts, shopping, cleaning.
 Just now getting what small bit of holiday decor out we are doing this year. Weather has not been  that great to go pull things out from storage. Too much rain!
 Olde Santy by BittersweetFolksArt. Still have more sewing to finish up. Which may be 'After Christmas' gifts...;-)
No big tree this year. Pulled out the two small ones with antique glass ornaments. Up from Wiggles!
 Quilted runners and other items I have made over the years.
 Also have this pretty black iron tree, gift from niece, hanging with lovely cross stitch ornaments made by another friend and pretty handmade angels we got in Canada many years ago.
 Our simple snow folk nativity I stitched in red work with beads. Sorry... forget the designer!
 Sweet snow angel from my friend Mandy of BittersweetFolkart.
Still  love this Art to Heart stitchery I did  a long while back.
Pretty needle rolls stitched by my niece.

 Most all of the things I have shared I pulled from cedar chests and closets! Some I am sure you have seen before if you have been following me a while. ;-)
Today I was cleaning or trying too! Still a bit more to do. We have yet to begin our holiday sweets making and baking! So that will happen over weekend! Make more mess! hahaha!

Will share dining room pics later!
Supper is not going to fix it's self!
Meat Loaf with garlic buttered snaps and mashed potatoes.
I am rather hungry now I think about it! Worked up and appetite!

Take care now and hope you all are more on the ball then I am!!!!

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