Monday, December 9, 2013

Just had to build me a snowman!

Folks all around us seem to have snow but not us. We did have a bit of sleet but that turned into rain. Rain and more rain. All weekend and today with more expected Tueday as well.
Cold too as it did not make 40F.
Welcome Winter!

So what is a gal to do but dig into her bag of wool and make a snowman pilla!
I have thrift shop wool skirts cut, washed and ready to use.
Have not had any luck finding any in a while. Mostly wool blends.
Blends work good if you plan to sew then up. Do not work for appliqueing.
Used black beads for the eyes and his sweet smile. He is all hand appliqued with  DMC floss using the buttonhole stitch. This is not a pattern for fabric it was an old one I had for wood cutting. Never know where you will find inspiration!
 This was a fast project really. Maybe 3 hrs total. Did the applique watching Hallmark Christmas movie.
 He does need something to hold. Not sure this bell will work with Wiggles! May have to make him a star or something.
 The scarf is a nice loose weave so made it some fringes!
He truly is not as white as in these pics. It is a cream wool. I did not age it this time. So not a small bitty  but not super big pilla either. No Christmas colors so he can stay around to play through Jan and Feb!!!

Happy to report my camera is working again. The newer one that is. Was not the battery but the charger! I ordered a new one when I ordered the new battery, which has yet to arrive. The charger came first. So decided to try charging old battery and BAM!! Reckon it was meant to happen that way so I would know what was the problem! Yes I think like I always need all the help I can get!;-)

Same thing happened with my old phone...charger stopped charging. We had another one that worked so used that up till I inherited DH's old phone when he upgraded.

Well reckon I best get a move on. Chores do not wait for sunshine!!
Happy Monday!!!

Posted pattern give-away winner on this post!


  1. I love your snowman! He should chase any winter blues away. :-) Have a happy day!

  2. I love, love, love, that snowman!!
    I don't have snow here either--have only gotten an inch and then it rains and it is gone--not sure what it is like up on the hills around here though!!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  3. Cute snowman, clever you to use a wood pattern!

  4. Cute! I am really into making snowmen right now. The inside kind.

  5. Much as I love to see snowmen I hope that we do not have enough of the white stuff to make one. Mind you I may have a go at making one like yours, I have some very pale cream sheepskin look fabric which might do.

  6. Lovin' the snowman! Glad you aren't getting the heavy snow yet...plenty of time for that.

    Yay! so happy to hear that the camera is working again...does that mean that your sweet kitty isn't in trouble?

  7. I love your snowman! So adorable :)

    I'm also so happy that your camera is working again...does this mean that Wiggles is no longer is trouble?

  8. So cute!!! Much easier to see than on my phone. Had to take a quick look at what was going on in the fun world, now I am going back to chores.

  9. Your Snowman is so cute, he is perfect for the winter season. Smart of you not to make him in Christmas colors. We do not get snow either.


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