Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sew Crafty....
 I made up these two sweet music ornies to see how  it would work. They made up fast and easy though a tad messy. So reckon need to do up the others.
We needed some ornies that baby Wiggles could not break if she decides to get nosy during the night.
Saw this idea a long time ago done one paper ornament blanks.
 Got these plastic ones cheap with a coupon at Micheal's and the pretty napkins at Homegoods in Williamsburg.  Now I am thinking the cheap $Tree Store ornies would work as well. Get 10 for a buck or used to be.
 Had lots of pretty snow glitter from my crafting days. This jug Mod Podge had separated and I could not get it stirred back but still worked!!

 Paper plates are my thing when I do messy or paint. Sturdy to hold up then so easy to toss away when done for easy clean up!
The napkins were three ply so took them apart. All you want is the top print.
Do not do this with sticky fingers...;-)
I cut mine in strips. Sometimes you can tear the strips and it looks nice but these did not want to work that way! Besides I wanted as much of the music and not the open spaces.

So all I did was add wire hanger first then paint the plastic ornament with the glue and layered on the napkin strips as I wished.
Must go gingerly and not rush. Napkin will tear easy. Brushed on more glue and rolled in the snow glitter.
Hang up to dry.

TA DA!!! All done and looking so pretty!!!


  1. What a great idea! Those are so cute! :0)

  2. Adorable! I did that on paper bags to make journal covers (minus the glitter). It's fun!

  3. How totally cool are those! Thanks for sharing!


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