Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Christmas has passed....

 ..and we had a lovely time! We enjoyed family both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Silly me did not get as many pics as I had planned! I get busy having fun and visiting and I forget!
Nephew and family brought us supper over on Christmas Eve. Was delish! We exchanged gifts and had a fun time! They are such a blessing to us.
 Our amaryllis bloomed for Christmas Day! Still is so pretty but soon will start wilting I am sure.
 The paper whites did not all bloom but still going so maybe they will finish up before long.
Here is the baby boy with his sweet wife. They come early Christmas morning for breakfast then gifts! Still do stockings too;-) They gave us some wonderful gifts we will enjoy a lot! We love having them here which is the best gift of all!
Here is DH and baby Wiggles. She did have her a good time with paper and boxes. Her new toys were a hit as well! Still playing with them as I type this!
Here I am waiting on DH to take my pic so I could get some coffee on Christmas morning!!
Wake up time! Had to get the beef in oven to cook for our meal later.

We all loaded up cars with goodies, beef and trimmings and went to DH's sister's home for the rest of the day.
Had a wonderful meal and spent time with more family.

Dec 26 we spent in PJs all day just laying about. Eating leftovers!
Did not really feel like going out to shop.
Almost feels like a head cold coming on.

Today had to get up and do some chores. Did a bit of clean up and such.
DH wanted some Senate Soup so made a pot of that.
He went to town on some errands and it was ready for him at lunch time.
Will do a hash with beef leftovers for our supper.

We need to pack up a few more tins with candy and goodies to send off as gifts.
Just did not get to it as soon as we normally do this year.
We were still cooking and baking on Christmas Eve!
I so hope we are back on schedule next year!

Goodness I best get back to my chores!
I want to do a bit of sewing later!!!


  1. So happy to hear your Christmas was filled with wonderful visits with family. A day in pj's sounds like fun.

    Don't worry about just sending out your treats, technically it's still the season ;)

  2. Today was a PJ day for me. HUbby came home around noon to join me. We just layed around like cows, LOL!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day. There is so much preparation time beforehand and it seems to end too quickly.

  4. Your photos are lovely. May I ask, what is "Senate Soup"? I am always looking for great soup recipes...

  5. Your photos are lovely! May I ask, what is "Senate Soup"? I am always looking for great soup recipes...

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Lola! Your posts are such a joy.


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