Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lot done...

...yesterday! Have to take advantage of the high energy times!

Here is Blue Bird ready to hit machine. I just placed the vines and stars on it to see  how will look. Will press them on and do last after I do middle with applique stitch and quilting. I love the look of appliqueing through the layers. Makes it pop!

Once again I cannot get colors true. I its really not a pastel piece! The binding will be same as middle fabric. I made a couple changes. The side borders are not as wide as pattern. I drew my vines on Heat N Bond, cut from fabric instead of bias strips. The green I wanted to use was just a small piece so best way to go!
So this is what I will be working on for a few days!

Off for appointments here in a bit. Looks cloudy out. Hope no rain!


  1. It's so much easier to appliqué through layers too! Nobody sees the back, right? I too love those high energy days when you know lots accomplished.

  2. Love your Blue Bird project Lola..

  3. Very pretty !
    Raining here ..and windy !

  4. A very good design. I like quilts with a bird.

  5. Your design is lovely. Those high energy days are really wonderful, aren't they?

  6. Gorgeous here in Washington state. I'm afraid we're getting our summer early. All two days. Hahahaha!

    That is cute! I need to do an applique piece. I know, I know. I have that HUGE applique project waiting for me. But it's not cute like yours...

    I hear ya about taking advantage of high energy days!

  7. Despite your concerns about the colours it's a very pretty project.

  8. Very pretty!! Cloudy here too, rain on & off.

  9. WoW!! How cute applique!
    I love there colors! :))
    Have a nice spring day.

  10. Looking awesome--some how phone pics just do not do it justice, especially my phone. Can't wait to see in for real. The wind is whooshing around here, but I need to ignore it all and tuck in strings. Almost there!


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