Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Stuff

 Found a lovely surprise package in the mail last week from Australia. So sweet of Joy to think of me ! I do hope  you are back safe in Saudi!

 I have been busy round here. Home chores and other things. We have rain. Almost 2 inches yesterday!! A couple more days with chance of storms along with more rain . Not knocking it as wells always need rain but nice to spread it out!;-)

This week is a busy one with medical stuff. One is for a procedure for DH Friday. I am hoping to have a wool project ready to go, maybe from the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects that Laural of Simply Put Plus sent me! Her project is wonderful!

Working on my red work basket project. I decided not to make the full size quilt. Doing a wall hanging table topper size. Made the full size in black for niece. She has in her dining room. Is lovely!
Would like to have mine done in a week or so to put on sofa chest. Aunt Dot coming up for a mini visit!
She loves to see what I have got DONE! So gentle pressure to finish up some things !

Also have Blue Bird on the machine. It was a Pat Sloan class. Should have been finished by now but such is life...round here anyway! ;-) The top is already for the applique now. Will get a pic when that is prepped.

So reckon I best get to it if I wish to reach my goals for the week!!
Take care!


  1. The embroidery is just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it done.

    Hoping all goes well this week with the medical issues.

  2. I love red work, though I've never done any. I really need to give it a try.
    You're always so busy Lola, here's hoping you get lots done before Aunt Dot arrives. Prayers going out for your health!

  3. What a terrific selection of goodies from your Aussie blog pal! Really like the projects you are working on too.

  4. This is very, very pretty!


  5. I love sending and receiving happy packs in the mail! Your latest ones are adorable! Lucky you!


Luv hear'in from ya!!