Friday, May 17, 2013

Putting it out there.

Patiently Waiting For Our Slice blog  is my son's and his sweet wife's story of wanting to be parents.

Something that so many take for granted.

It has been a struggle , both physically and emotionally for these two sweet people!

We have loved and supported them as best we can through many a heartbreak.

The choice they are making now is for adoption.

Once again we are going to love and support them through this new journey!

Doing whatever we can to help.

Letting the world in on your struggles is highly recommended by the adoption consultants.

Seems this is  how a great many sweeties find loving adoptive parents.

 I can assure you that no baby would be loved and treasured more than by these two wonderful people!

Not only a loving home with adoring parents but an extended family just waiting to embrace him or her with lots of love as well!

Please go read their story and if you wish to share in other social media that is okay too.

Thanks so much from the bottom of this Mama's heart!


  1. Zipped on over and left some encouraging words. Glad they are ready to move on with the next step and find that new sweetie pie for Grandma to love.

  2. All four of my babies are adopted and I wouldn't have it any other way! Now that my family has been formed, I'm kind of glad I wasn't able to have children biologically - I wouldn't have these angels if I had. But, when I was going through it, I thought I'd never be a Mom. Can so relate to your son and his wife!

  3. Wishing them all good things!!! I too was unlucky in that department :(

  4. I think their decision to move forward is great news. All my best to them...and to Grandma. Lane


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