Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feels Like Summer

 We have temps that are rising again. Yesterday was around 85 or so with a warm southern wind. Today we are to be 90 or better. Not much of a breeze today though. Did hang wash out yesterday and today. Nice to have laundry dried outside. Smells so nice too.

 We have Memorial Day at our local family cemetery the 3rd Sunday in May which is this coming Sunday. This is an old custom of decorating all the graves. Not a celebration of the military remembrance Memorial Day later this month. Way back when there was also picnics and such. Not anymore, here anyway.

So I have been collecting flowers when I see them on sale. Had quite a stash!

 So made up 6 lovely bouquets yesterday .
Have one with a flag that is for DH's father who served in WW2.
For my Mama and Mama in law I used pink hydrangeas with roses and other flowers. So pretty. Look real but I know these fauxs will last a good while.
Pulling out the patriotic red, white and blue for summer decor too!
Now to decide where they will go.
Have enjoyed the Spring/Easter things being up but we must move on!
Wow year is cranking along for sure! Almost to the half way mark!

One of my favs here. Not sure if I will hang it up or just prop close to family photos.

Rosemary for remembrance. Found frame from thrift I painted black.

Decided to leave this frame as is though need a bigger piece of backing for it.

Do love my old box of prim eggs but need to put them away now.

I think I may try finding some old caning jars to go it in now with candles.
Also need to pull out the runners for table from the vintage bark cloth.

I saw a banner for the mantle on Pinterest that I may give a go.
If I do will share.
Looked easy enough and the country, soft prim look I love.

So reckon time to get back to sewing ...still working on some secret projects !;-)


  1. Oh is hot here !!
    Flowers are lovely ~

    Hugs ~

  2. Pretty flowers!! The ancesters will be smiling down. This hot weather needs to go hide somewhere and the time needs to slow down if I am going to get any decorating done.

  3. Your relatives will think you have a nice 'green' thumb when they see those flowers!!!
    It is lovely that you get to do that with and for family.
    been a lovely warm--upper 70's day here-but some wind!!!
    love all those stitcheries--great job--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. They do a nice job of decorating the cemetery here too. I always love seeing all of the flags over Memorial Day. Your flowers look so pretty.

  5. Beautiful flowers.
    Your ancestor is fortunate.
    And lovely frames! :))

  6. love the stitchery

    That was a lot of collecting....and will be wonderful on the graves.

  7. Glad you are having some warm weather. Everything looks beautifully decorated.


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