Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dot's Flowers

This is a wool project I have had on the finish list a while! I call it Dot's Flowers because was all done by hand, sitting in doctors offices and hospitals for Aunt Dot's appointments. She loved seeing each flower go on!  This is from the book Blossoms in Winter. 
Have a couple more projects yet to finish from this wonderful book.

That green wool for some of  the leaves and vine is an old army blanket! Man those things lasted!! Most of my wool is from thrift store skirts. I wash and dry, cut and fold into my wool stash. Which needs its own cabinet now! On the look out for a smallish cedar one.

This is the fabric for the back. It is black but reads like gray here.

;-)Wanted to show I used batting on backing. It really makes for a smoother less lumpy pilla! Had to do a stuff on this one . No pilla form big enough. Thought about just doing a pilla slip for a sofa pilla. Decided no, Cocoa Kitty uses those a lot! I have to vac them often. This way I can set it aside when needed.

Right now it is nice on the vintage green Nellie chair.
Nice to have it done and ready for Aunt Dot's visit from NC next week!


  1. I like your wool pillow. A nice floral design. Where did you find the army blanket?

  2. Looks perfect on the green chair! Aunt Dot will love seeing it, glad you got it done in time.

  3. Yay for a finish! I like batting on my fabric pillows. You're correct. It does make a smoother finish. :)

  4. Oh Dear--I am way behind this week on comments and everything else--
    first --I just love that Grand baby-Jay--please love him for me too--as I don't have any grands!!
    love all your guilt and wool works and I like that green chair--keep stitching!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  5. That is really lovely and looks perfect on the chair.


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