Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bitty Stars

 I made some small star blocks over weekend. Had a plan for them or so I thought.
Did not finish as the wall hanging I had planned because it just did not suit me!

Made a runner like this instead. Almost every part of it gave me fits! Not the poor fabrics fault but mine.

Almost decided to just give up sewing! Oh well this mood too shall pass and I will be back at it again!
Like it on our antique chest by sofa. If we ever get nice days again ,will have to start taken pics outside to get the true colors I reckon!

DH was in the kitchen making up some homemade cracker jacks on Sunday! Oh my so good! Could not leave it alone! Then wonder why my hips keep blooming out so!!!!

What is up with cats on ironing boards lately!!!! Cocoa just looks at me like ...Whatever...I am staying here no matter how many times you say DOWN!

I did break down and go to Dr for an injection in my hand. The arthritis was just hurting so badly. That is on top of all the meds I take daily! Took a while but is beginning to feel better.
 Weather may not be helping at all. More gray skies and rain.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on our precious great grand baby! Jay is adorable indeed. Could post a pic a day!
Can't wait till we can make the trip out to the Blue Ridge Mts again to see him in person!


  1. I'm sorry your hands are hurting. Hugs. Hope the injection helps.

    I love the stars on the darker fabric. Makes them pop!

  2. P.S. Pass the cracker jacks, please.

  3. Fits or not, it turned out really nice. Glad the hands are feeling better because you know you really don't want to give up sewing! I think Cocoa has been chatting with Murphy--silly cats.

  4. What pretty blocks and what a lovely runner! :0)

  5. Sorry to read about your hands perhaps that played a part in your sewing woes. The runner looks great by the way.So does that Crackerjack!

  6. I like the wire basket you have fabric folded in (your header picture).


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