Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I see floor again...

 ..so now I can actually move around in here again! This is looking in from the door. It is not a total reorganized space but a workable for now space!;-) Meaning I can pull out cutting table and sit at machine table!
 I still have not redone the fabrics yet. I had mad money to spend over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales while free shipping was being offered as well.
So it is still in piles here and there. At least not burying the cutting table or sewing machines anymore! Will it stay this way long?? No idea! If I was a good gal and pick up after myself, would have a good shot at staying neat. I will try....;-)
Speaking of machines. Here is my new light weight take along machine.  Singer Athena 2009. Yes may look heavy but isn't.  Was a Cyber Monday deal. Not too impressed with the new Singer machines though. I had given my small 1994 quilting Singer to my DIL. She is wanting to sew now. Was a great machine, wonderful top stitch. I wanted a machine with a few of the stitches my Bernina has for taking to work shops. Tension issues on this one already but working through them. Customer service from Singer is also not what used to be. Took them 3 weeks to answer my email and then did not address my issues.
Glad it was a super cheap deal or this baby would be back in box and gone! Just my humble opinion.
See I can cut at the table again! No more moving stuff into dining room. Do not want to make that a habit.
I can also pull this table out and open up all the way in living room for big lay out jobs.
 This pile will go away in a bit too. Just have to sort medical paper work and more shredding. That old gold sewing box was Aunt Dot's. Plan to use it as my take along to work shops! Strap to top of my rolling cart!
One more soon to be stored away pile. Wool. All washed cut and ready to use. 
Here is the 'bleeding' fabs. Yes they were very bad. But hoping all will be well now. Will do a wash after I have the quilt done. Simple patch pattern for a a lap quilt. Nothing fancy!
That high $ college fabric raveled like a 'B' I must say! Seems sort of like I lost an inch off my yardage! No did not sew edges or pink them. Maybe next time I will think about it!

Whew.. been busy doing the clean out straighten up in other places. Did hall linen closet too!
Looks great for now! Have a sack of things for local animal shelter too.
Planned on doing some in DH's closet today but what a mess!!!
Maybe just a wee bit of folding on top shelf then back to my sewing room!!!!!

Yet another dreary day here. Wet and colder. We need the rain but gee whiz does it all have to come at one time!
Is a good day to be inside!!

Chicken and dumplings for supper! Hot and delish.
No.. I do not have a recipe. I just make 'em like my Granny and Mama did.
Muck up my dough, roll out, cut n drop in my chicken and veggie broth.
Not complicated or healthy either for that matter but good for the tummy's soul!


  1. It's always a pain having to do a full-scale cleanup, but when you're finished, you feel oh so satisfied. Trouble is, it doesn't take long before things start to pile up again. Oh well, that's part of quilting I think.

  2. Your sewing room is fabulous - love that floor. I had sorted and arranged and cleaned my studio not long before my back surgery so it is still basically neat and tidy, but whenever Don doesn't know what to do with something when tidying up I just say - put it in the studio. At least it is just a stack of things and not a full blown disorganization. Looking forward to seeing what you sew next, in this tidy room.

  3. Good for you getting organized! Seeing the floor is always a good thing! LOL

  4. Looks great!! The new machine looks cute!!
    Yummy on the chicken & pastry!!

  5. Come to my house! I used to have a floor, now I have a scarp pile... LOL!

    Now that everything is clean and pristine, it's time to mess it up! Get wild and creative and whoop it on up!!!!

  6. Enough is enough now--it is time to do some sewing!!! I wish mine looked that good. Ithink you have earned a good stick to your ribs meal.

  7. So what is the first project on your to do list--
    time to do some -messing up--that room is too neat looking!!!
    looks like you have done a great job organizing everything--way to go--
    and I will take some of that chicken and biscuits--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. Love how you're coming along on your room Lola, it looks perfect compared to mine! We had stew and dumplings for dinner last night and tonight. Major winter comfort food!

  9. Wouldn't it be nice if the sewing room fairies came in and took care of it all?! Frightening just how quickly it can all get out of hand but slowly, slowly catchy monkey!

  10. Good Job !! I'm doing the same thing with my sewing area...only I'm just trying to get organized from the move a few months ago. I'll be back to sewing ver soon.

  11. Lola your need to come down under and sort out my cave....LOL
    Now you can sit down and do some sewing....

  12. It looks great! Now maybe you and A can sew next time you meet... :) My sewing room seems to have gone backwards... ie it's a mess again, sigh! xxx


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