Thursday, January 17, 2013

At Last...

 ..I played with fabrics in the 'clean' sewing room! Above is the focus Virginia Tech fabric. Check this link with Hancock's of my fabric. Sorry just cannot seem to get the colors right with my camera. Another rainy and gray day so no help there. Snow in forecast for later tonight! NO!
Anyway here is my old school design board.;-) Ciphered on the old style calculator as well. Oh dear I am almost an antique. I prefer to be called 'vintage' thank you!
Whew! Was a long day standing at cutting table. A lot of squares! My right hand, back/neck and legs are not happy with me today. 
Here is a partial layout of where I am headed with the 12 inch blocks. Had to have that extra gold/orange color in there as well so decided on this layout. I am assuming this quilt will get a lot of use and abuse during many a game! So not going for quilt show worthiness here...;-)

I have been so proud of myself having not used 2012 in place of 2013 yet this new year!
Till today that is!
As I was doing my 'save as' on these pics...1 2012 went on each one!!!! So will have to rename them so can stay on track for when I need to recall this important time in my sewing history!!!!hahahaha!


  1. That's going to be an awesome quilt!

  2. I agree with Susan..Nice colours..

  3. Wow love the colors you picked.

  4. You have the same "antique" tools I have! LOL!

  5. Vintage? Lola you are a hoot! I can't stand at the cutting table all day anymore. I think your quilt will be a huge hit. Think of me today in 43degC temps and no air con. I'll just melt quietly in the corner.

  6. Well done!!! I get it now--all the chain piecing. Do some for me please.


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