Saturday, January 12, 2013


All the Christmas demo is finally over! All boxed up and put away.
Had extra to do this year. We bought some new things and a few gifts for next year.
Glad we had the extra totes left over from last May's water pipe flood!
Sort of sad to put away all the pretty decorations. House seems sort of empty with no warm glow!
Oh well just have to get out some of my country clutter and do her up again...or so 2 gals have told me!;-)

Went to big city yesterday for eye appointment. Went well. Will have some new 'eyes' in a week to 10 days. Was a nasty day to be out though. Rain and brisk temp. Had to go by Hancock's to pick up another yard of the Virginia Tech fabric. Went before my appt so no time to look around at sale stuff...just as well! I used my 50% coupon on the college fabric so at 11.99 a yard that was a savings!

After appt went by Joann's as needed some backing. Found one I like but sadly have to wash it first. Has the stiff feel and smell of chemicals. Is a bleeder. Just did the wet spot test. The burgundy is perfect though and has smallish flicks in it. Enough to hide my less than perfect quilting! I prefer to wash only after finishing. No pre-wash of fabrics. Just my preference. I know there are lots of opinions on this issue. If I do pre-wash has to be all fabrics for the project. Then starch n press! UGH! Seems a waste of time when it was done for you. So will only do it on fabric that must be washed as in this one or fabrics from clothing or such that has to be washed for whatever reason.

 Hard to believe they still have this around after all these years! Yes I paid 2013 prices for 4 yards of a 1994 fabric! Did get 40% off. Not a very good pic of color. It is a nice burgundy red, darker too.
 Enjoyed a fun day with Alice and G-man before Christmas was finally past! He loved his fun t-shirts or seemed too! He is a fun kid! Gave him some vintage Star Wars stuff I had managed to collect from my thrifting days!
Now here is Ms Alice with her cat Fabby Tabby. hahaha! He is stuffed with goodies! DH and I found him way back in the summer and decided he would go home with Alice for Christmas! She had other goodies too. Hope she enjoys them! She is so good to all her pals ...spoils us so she deserves some spoiling too!
My battery died on camera!  Have charging. So no pics. One of my gifts from Alice was a layer cake of Chateau Rouge French General by Moda! LOVE IT! Plus she gifts me with vintage/civil war repros she gets in her scrap bags she orders! Had a lovely fabric box full, buttons, also cute ornie for the tree. Two cute place mats, will take pic of later. After took up Christmas ones put them on table to use! Sure there was loads more. Thanks Alice for being the sweet gal you are!
Plan to go to her home this coming Friday to sew some. Think pilla cases.
Sure will will have a fun day and it will go by too fast as always!

Also had to put my car in shop. They towed it in!!  I do love my car but was almost ready to have a car payment again!! Got it fixed though so will run it till it finally dies I reckon! Repair bill was high but still less then buying a new one!!

Well best get too it! Plan on doing some work in sewing room. Have too really. Need to find the sewing machine!!!!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!


  1. Must've been the season for being towed in. We had to deal with that stuff, too Looks like Alice knows what you like. I love French General, too!

  2. Yes, been towed in here as well. Went to get it state inspected and a 34$ charge turned into 200$ they always tell me it's cause it's a VW. ugh...Can't wait to see the VT quilt.

  3. You are such a thoughtful soul Lola so I'm sure your gifts will be treasured.

  4. there you two go again--having fun without me!!!
    one of these days?????
    Instead of bringing out the old stuff to redo the home--make some new things!!!
    Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

  5. Yep,I loved my goodies. And my hips loved all the other goodies. I know your house will be all warm and cozy again real soon my fluff queen. Glad your eyes will be all better soon--the better to sew with and all that.

  6. I have a shirt made from that burgundy spotted fabric. I love that print and still find a scrap in my bins once in a while. Glad there's still some out there. Lane

  7. You lucky thing to have such nice visitors!!! xxx


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