Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Retail Therapy

So here is my goodies.
Thread, charm packs , fat quarter bundles and some wool to do my pear runner.
I had looked and looked for wool in thrifts, even some I could dye myself.. nothing.
Not as many snow birds coming here and donating that wool as it used to be!
Course it could be a lot of woolies and hookers around these days scooping it up first!! ;-)

I am in love with Moda's Glace by 3 Sisters so had to have the fat bundle to go with what I have already.
The others, well we know I am a vintage red gal too!!

Trying out some Marathon Thread but also added to my Superior Thread supply as well.

Diana bought some patterns, which are at her house now til they come here to be worked up.
Yes my sweet cross stitcher gal is going to assist in the making of her gotta haves! Haha!!!
One is BEAUTIFUL done up with black toile called Midnight Garden!
She also got a beautiful red bird toile table cloth from French Connection booth. Fits her antique table perfectly in her red dining room! I almost bought a charm pack of fabbies but was too many purples in them for my taste. They did not have the blue and yellow I had ♥ last year. I do adore the red toile though. Sadly my table is long and narrow not a big square...boo hoo!!

Anyway I have enough projects on the go as it is!!
My word for the year was 'DO' so best get to it!!!

Thanks for your kind get well wishes.
I appreciate them so much!
I am still on the puny side. This cold is kick'n my rear!!
Will be a week of it tomorrow!!!
Glad the sore throat part is over( hope) that just is the pits!!
My head and chest are giving me a fit now.
I am thinking 2010 is so far not starting off good for this old body!!
Another reason to see the last of Old Man Winter( hum reason they call it that...old cranky man)!! Ha Ha!
Speaking of WINTER yes, yet again we are looking at the white stuff tomorrow late evening through Thursday!
Yo Old Man W it is March here !!!! We don't do white now okay... just say'n!!!!


  1. Seams like the sickness won't go way from you.

    Love all of your goodies.

    The honey bun I am using for all those items is Glace.

  2. LOVE what you bought and I hope the rest of your cold goes away soon, too. I know we are to get some of that S stuff again tonight. *sigh*

  3. Love all your goodies!!
    Think we'll get snow?
    DH's cousin in NC has a weather map on his facebook page which calls for our areas getting 3-6 or 4-8 inches but all the local weather reports I've heard on TV keep saying rain.
    Hope you feel better soon. We all have bugs around here keep passing it back and forth between the two houses...intestinal, colds, etc.

  4. Oh girl, even though we don't have the snow, we STILL have COLD weather and IT'S MARCH!!! It's supposed to be getting HOT in MARCH in FLORIDA!!! Didn't anyone send the memo to the weather guy!!!!!!

  5. love all your goodies, we got several inches of snow today, I wanted to stay in, but I had that MRI at 4 today. uggghh

  6. What a nice "pile" of goodies!! You will have some fun with that--and if you get "bored" it sounds like you can go outside and built a snowman!!!
    Hug, Di

  7. Great shopping! :)

    I hope you are back to full health soon!

  8. Oh Lola, I do enjoy your posts! You are such a character. Nice collection of goodies there - that Glace range is lovely. Cheers Ann :-)


Luv hear'in from ya!!