Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cute Lil Racer top plus two..

Okay this one was done first.
Tonya named it, Cute Lil Racer, and won the Deb Strain Love U charm pack!!

This one was next , Teddy Bear Friends.
It is 36 X 36 and for NICU.

Another one for NICU.
I call this one Peek- a-Boo.
I did not have enough focus fabrics to do them like the bigger one.
I did have a bit of these cute prints left over from other charity quilts.
Managed to find enough brights in my stash to coordinate.
Whew! Thankful for my stash!
Now I hope to get them sandwiched Monday, quilted and mailed out this week!
I have to use my dining room table to do the sandwich part so could not do it over weekend.
I do hope every one who choose to do one or more has had a good time!

So hummm... temps still cold... wind still blowing out of the NNW.
Oh well early yet will see how day goes!
Did some Saturday Sewing too...more on that tomorrow...;-)


  1. I know those quilts will be appreciated.

  2. What is NICA? Whatever, the kids are going to love them all.

  3. Love all those quilt tops, you've been super busy. Temps are supposed to be in the 60's today. Yippie

  4. We are not quite to the high 50's yet...but tomorrow we should get there and by next weekend start to see the 60's....YAY!!!! I hope it lasts, though, and doesn't go back to 30's and 40's in the daytime anymore this season!!! Your quilts are very cute!!!

  5. These sweet quilts will bring some much needed comfort. Nice work, Lola. Hang in there those sunny days are will be here soon. Ann :-)

  6. Really cute quilts,, they are going to make someone really happy..

  7. Cute quilts! The children will surely love them.

  8. Oh the quilts turned out wonderful!


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