Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Real Stuff!

Above is my snow ball top.
I need to maybe send it out to be quilted or it soon will be vintage!!
Was made from a Blue Squares Swap I was in.
You may have seen it already but thought snowballs were appropriate today.
Okay so on to the REAL STUFF!!

YES we got snow! This is looking out a back window!
No I did not go out to make snowballs.
DH let me sleep in so a lot had melted before these pics.

Was heavy wet flakes coating every thing.
Clothes line is coated.
Falling out of trees also.

Melting off the 'beach cottage' too.
Oh my sweet beach cottage take me away to the land of warm sunshine!!
Has to be some SOMEWHERE!!!!
To be more snow later but mixed with rain from yet another Nor'easter!
Whine... Whine... Whine....yes think I will have some cheese with it!;-)


  1. since I already have my own 'whine' perhaps you can share the cheese? I want spring!!!

  2. Would you like some of the HOT weather we have been having??? Over 40's deg celsius for a week.Today we had a welcomed change and it was a lot cooler.
    So we can all whine LOL oh with cheese and crackers

  3. You're welcome to come to house!!!I live in sunny California and it is mild and sunny. My daffodils and irises are blooming and it looks like spring is here. Stay warm. By the way, luv your blue snowball quilt.

    Terry in So. California

  4. How about if I bring some crackers and we can have a party? It's snowing here today and even though it isn't amounting to anything, I'm still sick to death of it. I need sunshine!

  5. Wow! You really got hit with the snow! I am sick of winter too.

  6. I agree enough is enough. But today we here in my area of Ohio have some sunshine and 30's to melt some of the snow. Maybe by Sun. it will be in the 40's. I sure hope so.

  7. Your snow ball quilt looks great! Hope you get a break from the cold and snow soon, boy you've had a crummy winter! Sharon.

  8. Love your snowball quilt--I love blues--right after pinks!!! March is here--so snow won't last too long--maybe!!!

  9. I know I don't have it nearly as bad, but I am SO weary of frigid cold in the SOUTH!!!! Didn't the weatherman get the memo - IT'S MARCH!

  10. Maybe if you send that Snowball quilt out the weather will change. It's worth a try! Ann :-)


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