Monday, May 11, 2015

Mom's Day and Finishes
Here are the Moms....myself, sweet DIL holding Olivia and her Mom. Kids took us out for brunch at Park Lane in Hampton. Had a wonderful time!
 DH here with DIL, Olivia and our son.
What a wonderful blessing for sweet DIL to have her first Mom's Day with this cutie pie!
Olivia is growing so fast. Has the cutest little chubby legs and two sweet front teeth!!
Was a wonderful loving time together celebrating our motherhood!

I have been busy . Finished up two quilts!! All quilted and binding on. ready for delivery.
We decided not to mail out. Will drive to deliver in person! Plan to go next week.
Did end up on the dining room table to quilt them. Too big for my sewing tables!
This is such a fun quilt!!! I just know Jay will enjoy it! He can grow with it!

We have bits of tropical storm Ana now. Needed some rain so a good thing. Just glad not full force winds!
Had turned very warm and now humid. We have managed so far with no AC. Was hoping for a bit longer of milder temps! Oh well naught can be done about it so we deal and whine...;-)

Have managed to hang out wash a few times already so that saved on electric a lot.
Trying to save pennies these days can be hard. Seems everything is going up in price!
We are now living on a fixed income so learning to curb those splurges.
So happy I stocked up on my sewing supplies over the years...aka STASH! hahahaha!!


  1. Sweet pictures! I found out yesterday that we will be grandparents for the first time in January :-)


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  3. Such a sweet family. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

    Congratulations on your two finishes. Feels great, doesn't it. Now time to start something new.

  4. What a pretty fam! Especially that granny on the left!!!!
    This humidity is yucky for sure. I will whine with you about turning on the a/c. Glad you got some finishes done.

  5. Olivia is growing so fast! What a cutie. Big hugs dear!

  6. So glad you Mother's Day was enjoyable. It's such a good feeling to finish projects. I wonder what that's like *chuckle*

  7. Such gorgeous photos of the Mums,Dads and of course adorable Olivia...
    Pleased you had a lovely day out together.
    WOW! That is a large quilt. Jay will love it for many years.. Enjoy your visit..
    Glad you weren't caught up in the big tornadoes you have been having.

  8. we are to , on a fixed income but i just bought todays deal from the missouri star quilt co. for half price and been wanting to make a quilt for my daughter like the one on my bed, just not the same fabric

  9. Jay will love it...what a wonderful family....lots to be proud of


Luv hear'in from ya!!