Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday Plans

Saturday I will be here with my awesome stitching niece!
Hope weather is nice.  Love riding the ferry across the wide James River!
May have to see if we can pop into Joann's for the 40% off all bolts sale as well!!!
Love the Joann's in Williamsburg.

Have not got lost out here in boonies. Just a few(rather stressful) things going on.
Did get the I Spy top finished.
So had to press fabrics and piece backings for I Spy and the other birthday top.
Yesterday I spray basted both quilt sandwiches! Finally no wind!
What a job!

Today I moved my sewing table around and set up the other table to help hold the quilts up for quilting on my regular sewing machine.
Sure it will be like wrestling a couple bears!
Was last time I quilted a larger quilt then baby size!!!
So out of  'quilting' shape!;-)

Cleaned, oiled and put new needle in my trusty Bernina!
Have wound bobbins of my fav King Tut by Superior.
The back brace and quilting gloves at the ready!
So Friday will find me music turned up and needle down!!!


  1. Retreat sounds like a great idea.

    Have fun with all of that quilting.

  2. You two will be in heaven as long as you don't kill your back today!!! We are crossing our fingers that we will be doing birthday boy stuff this weekend as long as B doesn't have to work. I wonder if going to the Joann's sale could be considered birthday stuff??????

  3. Enjoy your day with your niece. You have been busy. I hope you didn't over do it today.

  4. How was your outing?!

    1. Was an enjoyable day! Was a bit disappointed there was not any wool applique. Mostly cross stitch with some punch but all with wonderful prim designs, Could have brought all the samples home with me!!


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