Saturday, May 23, 2015

Easy Pretty DIY Wreath
 This wreath can be made fast and easy for any season or holiday.
Best to hang on a covered porch out of the weather.
I picked a patriotic fabric along with some pretty red and white artificial flowers.  Will leave this one up through the Summer. After all we have July 4th coming up as well.
 All you need is a straw wreath. This is the large one.
Some pretty fabric strips at least 2.5 inches wide. These are from a jelly roll but for mine above I simply tore my strips from yardage with the grain. You can use burlap, ribbon, tulle, really anything that will wrap around the wreath.
Start a strip of fabric at angle with a straight pin.
Keep wrapping, over lapping enough so straw is covered. Pull tightly. Try to keep each ending in the back.

Take your picks or flowers, trimmed as you wish and poke in! If trouble poking them into fabric use an ice pick or point end of seam ripper to make a start hole! I wrapped some floral wire around and made a loop to hang. Chose not to add bow but you could!

There you have it! Simple, fast and easy!  Neat thing is  you can use the same base straw wreath over and over!
Used to do craft shows and these are the last straw wreaths I have left! Hope I can find more somewhere! 

I imagine this would work with a large round Styrofoam wreath as well.

Hope you try one!!


  1. Looks lovely on your door Lola.

  2. Easy and so pretty!

  3. What a great and easy idea! I'm for sure going to do this as soon as I get the base!!

  4. That looks like a great idea and is perfect for the holidays.


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