Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jay's I Spy
Jays I Spy quilt all done. So many different cute bits of fabric to 'spy' things! Added his name to it so he knows it is his alone..;-) Is a goodly size that can grow with him as he is only two years old! ;-)
 Backing is pieced with some very cute fabrics from the 'Alice' stash! Think he will enjoy the back as well as the front!
Did the curvy stitch in small squares all over. Added the blue and black diagonal print binding. I am pleased with it!
So as soon as I have a pic of Jay with it will share!

Staying busy here. Worked outside some. Planted some pretty annuals in porch pots and re-potted some other plants. Loads more work to try to do in the beds.
Cooled off yesterday which was nice! Had been so hot and humid!
Today more rain which was needed but did mess up lots of  the day's plans!;-)
DH had to replace his lawn mower deck. That was an all day job yesterday. His plan was to cut grass today...did not happen! Maybe it will dry off enough tomorrow to be cut.


  1. WOW! Great "I Spy" quilt for Jay. Great quilting ...
    Hope the rains gone and you can do some more gardening.

  2. That quilt is going to be lots of fun.

  3. What a cute I Spy quilt that is!


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