Friday, April 17, 2015

I Spy a Stack (Pile)

I Spy a big stack of six inch squares!
Have been sorting and choosing fabrics to cut squares from a few days now.
Thanks Ms. Alice for sharing some fabric with me!
My plan is to cut once but have enough for maybe three I Spy (toddler drag about) quilts!
Our Great Grand Jay turns two in May!
Here Jay is enjoying the dino outfit I made up for him. His birthday party will be dinosaur themed as well. Maybe we have a budding paleontologist in our midst.
Did not use the Go! cutter. Set myself up on the kitchen island and just went to town with my 6.5" square and right hand Martelli rotary cutter! LOVE THAT CUTTER! My hand , my thumb (basal joint) or finger joints feel like I have done nothing!! I highly recommend this tool to any one with hand and wrist issues.
Not paid or given freebies for this opinion. Santa brought the cutter to me this past Christmas.

Been rain and or drizzle with cloudy skies for a week here!
We put our carpet cleaning on hold as humidity is so high.
So hoping maybe one day soon can get it done!
This also kept the spray basting of the gift quilt on hold.

Need to wash windows inside and out along with a few other Spring chores.
Can not do the deep Spring clean I used to do but would like a few chores out of the way!
Seems like we develop piles of stuff around here a lot.
A cleared spot just invites a pile to form! So this means I must dig out the utility room yet again.
Took down the Easter decor and it rests (piled) at end of dining table. Waiting to be put away (piled) in entry closet for another year.

With our cool one day then warm next temps, sweatpants and shorts both been pulled from wardrobes.
So yes there is a pile of each to pick from for the day!

Goes with out saying the piles of fabrics, and such in sewing room!!
So today I hope to tackle a few piles!
Unless I get distracted by that starched, pressed and ready to sew stack (pile) of I Spy squares!!!


  1. You are welcome! I need to work on my piles too, but I have whatever the boys gave me so my very sore throat and achy bod are lying in a pile of my own for awhile.
    Have fun sewing that pile!

  2. The dino outfit is a hoot! What a fun thing to make for a child.

  3. I love that boy in that dino outfit--how cute--and he does look like he would enjoy an I spy quilt to drag around--so have some fun with the quilt tops--
    I am spring cleaning--I started on it on March 1st--then after a couple days--stopped--and there everything sat--
    in piles--but this week a plan finally came together and I am back at reorganizing and decluttering-sooo????

  4. I think that pile sounds much more inviting that those other piles!!!

  5. I love Jay in his Dinosaur outfit.....
    I am sure you will have fun making up a few I Spy quilts for the little ones to drag around.....

  6. Yay for squares without sore hands! That little guy is just too darn cute. Love the Dino outfit.

  7. I love the Dino outfit you made. That is one happy boy.

    Good luck with your piles.


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