Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sewing

First I wish to thank all for the condolence comments posted on the passing of our senior kitty Cocoa.
Hard to say that last goodbye. She will be missed.
We do have the kitty kids double trouble, Wiggles and Boots, to keep us loved on and entertained. ;-)

I have been working on a bigger sewing project but did stop to sew for Easter!
A bunny and Easter basket with eggs for our lil' 9mth old grand girly!
He is made with soft flannel.  As he is washed will become more soft and fuzzy seams.
Cute bottom! I drew him up myself, no pattern. Hand stitched his face.  Baby safe!
 Miss O did seem to take to him pretty good. ;-)
Sadly she was sick over Easter weekend with that horrid noro virus. So we had to cancel our plans. We will celebrate DH birthday(was April 4th) this coming Sunday.
Made the eggs since she can not do candy! :-)
Was fun to stitch up Miss O a pretty Easter basket! Being a Grammy can be fun!

We have rain. Had a horrid thunder storm last night. First one of season.
Has warmed up here some. Suppose to have a high of 84 this weekend! WOW! From 60ish days to hot!
Hubby picked these for my sewing room. Do believe the jonquils and hyacinths are just about over. Still have some tulips blooming. Grass has been cut a couple times. Our last frost date is April 15th. We hope to plant some pots and a small patch of a veggie garden. That will be a fight with the deer to get anything from it though!

Well best get back to it! Reckon my chores will not do themselves!


  1. I have been so out of my blogging reading and posting and therefore missed the news about Cocoa. I am so sorry to read about her passing. It is good, though, that you have the other two.

    You made just the sweetest Easter gifts for your granddaughter. I just love the bunny and basket.

  2. Much better than trying to see them on the phone! So cute! Glad she is feeling better! Our hyacinths are gone too, but everything else is still happy!

  3. Dear Olivia's Easter gifts are sooo cute--was sorry to hear that she was ill for Easter-and glad to hear that is she better now.
    Love the pretty spring flowers--will really chilly here today--only 35--we may get a heat wave tomorrow of 60!!!

  4. Your Easter Bunny and his basket of eggs is marvellous! At least it will last longer than the chocolate variety. We are enjoying a proper Autumn - the first in a long time. Good luck with your vegetable patch.

  5. My internet has been sew slow for ages sew haven't been reading many posts.
    Sorry to read of your dear Cocoa passing. XX
    You have also been making some fantastics projects for you two little grandchildren. Love the dinosaur and suit for Jay.
    How cute is O with the fabulous Easter gifts you designed for her...


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